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Quality so high these strains are our highest rated category of Private Reserve. These powerful and smooth strains are consistently among the highest rated world-wide.

3 kilo minimum for $155 per kilo. ($465 for three kilo’s).

You can mix and match all Private Reserve kilo strains using the drop down menus (select a 1kg strain from each drop down).

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Maeng Da Variant

This most popular Kratom strain has a rich and long history. It is reported to be a strain that was created through grafting. Grafting or graftage is a horticultural technique whereby tissues from one plant are inserted into those of another so that the two sets of vascular tissues may join together. This has created a unique and richly balanced leaf.

Private Reserve Green Vein Indo

Green vein Kratom strains are powerful calming herbs that simultaneously provide all-day energy. Users report that the remedy allows them to perform all normal daily activities at maximum levels of productivity, while maintaining a very relaxed inner state. Pain, either chronic or temporary, muscular or skeletal, is eliminated. Users often describe a sense of total euphoria and optimism, free from worry and normal mental stress. This potent and exciting blend of effects makes green vein the perfect choice for just about all users. Its incredible popularity is a testament to this.

Bali Species

Harvested from the most mature leaves, mile high Bali Kratom is then finely ground to the consistency of a micronized powder. In shamantic practices Bali is known for it’s more relaxing properties and is used to manage temporary discomfort.

All for ethnobotanical research purposes only.

Additional information

Weight N/A
1st kg

Maeng Da Kratom x 1kg, Green Indo Kratom x 1kg, Bali Kratom x 1kg

2nd kg

Maeng Da Kratom x 1kg, Green Indo Kratom x 1kg, Bali Kratom x 1kg

3rd kg

Maeng Da Kratom x 1kg, Green Indo Kratom x 1kg, Bali Kratom x 1kg


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